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Would you love to have beautiful white teeth, to get rid of a gap in your teeth or to repair a chipped tooth? The dentist can improve the appearance of your teeth with facings.

A facing is a tooth coloured overlay made from composite or a porcelain shield. The dentist bonds the overlay to the tooth, changing the colour or shape of a tooth. It can also be used to fill up gaps, repair chipped teeth, whiten yellow or brown teeth and to conceal crooked teeth.

Facings are made from composite or porcelain. The composite facing requires one treatment only by the dentist. One advantage is that it generally requires less filing down of the tooth. The disadvantages are that it is less durable than a porcelain facing and it may discolour over time. A porcelain facing is constructed and finished by a dental technician, as with porcelain crowns. The dental technician can replicate the colour layering with extreme accuracy, giving the facing a completely natural look.